ABS clothes hanger hanging station for open clothing 7

ABS-Clothes Hangar Hanging Station

for open clothing

The hanger hanging station consists of two conveyors: a chain conveyor and a SPIRA conveyor.

The chain conveyor serves as feeder of the empty hangers to the loading device and the SPIRA conveyor as hanger storage. Both conveyors are arranged at an angle of 45°to each other. The empty hangers coming from the hanger storage are separated and then pneumatically held by a clamping module. After hanging the hanger with clothing, a push button is actuated so that the hanger with clothing slides to the loading device, that is, the chain conveyor. The chain conveyor transports constantly.

At the same time, pressing the push-button feeds the next empty hanger to the holding device (flap). The hanger storage has a capacity of approx. 100 empty hangers and rotates only until a few empty hangers hang in front of the separator station and starts up again immediately if the penultimate hanger is hung with clothing.

We recommend the use of our SPIRA one-way conveyor as a discharge conveyor from the hanger hanging station or feed conveyor to the finisher.

Proven in use for:

  • the textile industry
  • laundries
  • dry cleaning
  • processing operations
ABS clothes hanger hanging station for open clothing 8
ABS clothes hanger hanging station for open clothing 9

technische Daten:

Power:  jede 3 sec. 1 Teil
Weight: ca. 350 kg
Engine power:  0,11 kw + 0.055 kw
Operating pressure:  6 Bar
Required compressor size:  min. 800L 
Water separator required on compressor.