Clothes Hanger Removal Station >>ABS<< 3

Clothes Hanger Removal Station >>ABS<<

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The clothes hanger removal station is a device that rationalises the removal of garments from clothes hangers.

Clothes transported by a conveyor – preferably a SPIRA one-way conveyor – reach a clothes chute designed as a separator. After separation, only one hanger is ever moved between a pneumatically actuated clamping device. Now the garment can be removed from the hanger with both hands.

As soon as the garment has been removed, the hanger slides onto an empty hanger magazine or is transported back to a hanger loading station using a conveyor.

The clothes are detected by an opto-electronic sensor, which controls the entire process with the assistance of a PLC control system. The performance of the device depends on the skills of the operator and the clothing.

For heavy overalls, hourly outputs of 600 pieces/hour were achieved and for light surgical gowns, a higher output of 800 pieces/hour was achieved.