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BBS Clothes Hanging Station

for closed clothes (over the head dressable parts "pullover")

You will need the BBS Clothes Hanger Hanging Station if

The station consists of a rotary table with three mannequins arranged on it. A linear cylinder is used to remove the garments. The mannequins are arranged at the same distance on the motor-driven table and work in a 1/3 cycle.
The three cycle positions are:

  1. positioning of the empty hanger on the mannequin head (automatic)
  2. garment positioning (manual)
  3. garment dispensing

At the maximum extension height of the linear cylinder, the garment is placed on a chute, conveyor or trolley. The empty hanger positioning is performed by a separator station, which is connected to a motor-driven empty hanger magazine.

The empty clamp that is placed on the mannequin’s head by the separator station is clamped in the operator’s working area in the usual manner using a clamping module.
When the rotary table starts rotating, the pneumatic clamping module is released and the hanger with the garment is brought into the ejection position. The garment is lifted at the beginning of the linear cylinder stroke.

When the table is rotated by 1/3 of its circumference, three operations are performed simultaneously during the rest period:
Empty hanger positioning – manual garment positioning and garment dispensing.

The BBS “pullover” can also be equipped with 4 mannequins, so that two pieces can be placed on one clothes hanger. For suits, for example, in the first step the trousers are attached to the clothes hanger and then the jacket is attached to the same clothes hanger in the second step.

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