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SPIRA-Förderer Steigungskurve Vetter Fördertechnik GmbH
SPIRA-Conveyor Gradient Curve
SPIRA-Förderer Kurve mit 90 Grad Vetter Fördertechnik GmbH
SPIRA-Conveyor Curve with 90 degrees

The SPIRA conveyors are positively driven, side-flexing, continuous conveyors for goods hanging on hangers. Originally developed for transporting clothing, they have also been used in other branches of industry.

The conveyor works according to the spindle and nut principle, with the spindle being the screw conveyor and the nut being the clothes hanger. Horizontal and vertical curves can be traversed in a radius of 0.45 m. A flexible shaft takes over transport of the clothes in the curves.
The screw conveyor is mounted in a special aluminium profile and positively driven at 2 m intervals. The SPIRA conveyor can be mounted on the wall, ceiling and floor.

Automatic removal of garments from the SPIRA one-way conveyor can be carried out with a manual, electro-pneumatic or motor-driven removal system.
At the end of the spiral shaft, a 2-part or multiple exchanger can divert the garments to various bearing rods or conveyor systems. Manual, single or double stoppers dose the flow rate. Instead of the spiral conveyor shafts, an accumulation shaft is installed here, which conveys the garments, but with resistance lets them slide over the flat-cut spiral passages using a stopper, without exerting a strong accumulation pressure.

Depending on customer requirements, spiral shafts with deeper-cut spiral gears can be used for plastic clothes hangers.

Using a separator station, the clothes can be fed individually to a packaging machine, a finisher or a scanner. Conveyor lengths of up to 100 m can be traversed using a double drive. The drives can be designed as front or side drives.
The SPIRA disposable conveyor has proven itself in the garment industry, laundries, dry cleaners and processing operations for more than 50 years. Our conveyors are used in more than 50 countries around the world.

2-4 times a year, the maintenance-friendly SPIRA systems require a little polishing wax at the bearings while at the same time vacuuming (using a vacuum cleaner) of the lint in the area of the screw.

Bewährt im Einsatz für:

  • the textile industry
  • laundries
  • chemical cleaning
  • processing operations
  • Nuclear power plants

technische Daten:

  • Conveying length up to 100m with double drive
  • Spiral and jam waves
  • 2 or more points
  • Special aluminum profile
  • Horizontal and vertical curves in radius 0.45m
  • Ceiling – wall – floor fixing
SPIRA-Förderer Stauwelle mit Separator Vetter Fördertechnik GmbH
SPIRA conveyor Damper shaft with separator
Haarschutz SPIRA-Förderer Vetter Fördertechnik GmbH
SPIRA conveyor Wave with hair protection
SPIRA-Förderer Schnellgang Vetter Fördertechnik GmbH