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Steep Incline Chain Conveyor

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You need the Steep Incline Chain Conveyor if:

The steep incline chain conveyor is a transport device for clothing on clothes hangers.
The conveyor quickly transports the clothes to greater heights with little space requirement.
The hook length of the clothes hanger sets a natural limit to the angle of inclination – normally 70° to the horizontal.

The conveyance is provided by the carriers of a chain that grip over a plastic sliding profile made of graphite nylon like a fork, thus pushing the hook of the clothes hanger in front of them. All chain guides are made of the well-known green low-pressure polyethylene. All sliding profiles are designed as an extruded ALUMINIUM special profile.
The conveyor is driven by a three-phase AC flange gear motor. The motor is equipped with an electric brake for vertical conveyance. A tensionable reversing station steers the chain back to the chain drive sprocket.
Automatic feed and/or discharge can be performed using a SPIRA one-way conveyor. In this case, the clothes are fed onto the conveyor via a separator station.

Proven in use for:

  • the textile industry
  • laundries
  • dry cleaning
  • processing operations
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Technical details:

Drive power: 0,11 – 0,3 kW
Speed: n = 0 – 100 U/min
Conveying speed: v = 0 15,0 m/min
Capacity: 1000 Stück/h